Assistant Professor at Stanford University

Topic: Introduction to Large Language Models: Prompting and RLHF, Human-Centered NLP: Evaluation, Human in the loop and human-AI collaboration

Assistant Professor at ETH Zürich

Topic: Vision Foundation Models

Assistant Professor at McGill University and Mila

Topic: Machine Learning in Fighting Climate Change

Head of Research at Cohere For AI

Topic: Understanding the role of data, scale and capacity in recent breakthroughs

Research Scientist at DeepMind

Topic: A tutorial on Thompson sampling and its approximation via epistemic neural networks

Research Scientist at Google Research

Topic: Privacy-preserving Machine Learning

Distinguished Professor at National Taiwan University

Topic: An Introduction to Empirical Risk Minimization and Its Optimization with a Focus on Stochastic Gradient Methods for Deep Learning

Team leader at the RIKEN center for Advanced Intelligence Project (AIP)

Topic: Lifelong Learning with Bayes

Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research India

Topic: Causality and Large Language Models: A tutorial on causal machine learning and opportunities with LLMs

AI Research Scientist VinAI Research

Linh Pham

AI Residency Program Manager VinAI Research

William Tjhi

Head of Artificial Intelligence at AI Singapore

Topic: Evaluation of Large Language Models in Southeast Asian Languages

Associate Professor at iNT Mahidol

Assistant Professor at iNT Mahidol